Tesla Giga 4 Berlin Construction Approved by The Environmental Agencies of Brandenburg

Tesla Giga 4 Berlin Construction Approved by The Environmental Agencies of Brandenburg

Progress in advancing preparations for the construction of Gigafactory 4 near Grünheide is becoming more visible and significant. The deadline for objection to the factory of the American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla in Gruenheide near Berlin expires today at midnight. Prior to this, citizens, environmental associations, or civic initiatives could review project documents and criticize plans.

The Environmental Agencies of Brandenburg endorse the construction of Gigafactory 4 and make no solid claim to Tesla. The Business Insider reported that BUND, Nabu, Green League, NaturFreunde, SDW and VCD made a statement:

“According to the state government, the planned Tesla plant should provide important economic impulses for Brandenburg and Berlin. Such construction and infrastructure projects are not fundamentally challenged by environmental associations.”

However, they are unhappy with the planning process that the state government deals with. They note that in order to achieve the greatest possible recognition and approval among the population, a proper and transparent planning process is needed. They would also like the state government to provide more advance notice and enable citizens to participate more.

In addition, environmental associations have expressed doubts to the government because of:

  • the construction of another entry and exit motorway (A10) and related deforestation;
  • L38 extensions on the project website;
  • clearing as part of replacement measures;
  • construction of a road from the railway station to the motorway (A10);
  • water law procedures.

“These points show that there is a huge lag in the planning process, and above all, these open-ended questions need to be answered,” said BUND Brandenburg Managing Director Axel Kruschat. “Our statement was also drawn up in a short time and requires careful revision,” he said.

Kruschat acknowledged that environmental associations first had to resolve internal disputes because some of their members fundamentally rejected the Gigafactory project.

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It should be noted that the expansion of infrastructure is a necessity, since it is planned that about 12,000 workers will work at the factory. All this will lead to the fact that in this region the population density will increase. Because of this, the construction of new housing, roads and the restructuring of public transport will be necessary. The presence of the Tesla factory here will lead to the economic development of not only nearby cities, but also the entire region.

In addition, the presence of a large automobile plant in the region will certainly lead to the fact that manufacturers and suppliers of some parts will want to locate their business nearby.

Also, if Tesla can build its plant in a timely manner, it will show the whole world that the state government is able to quickly and efficiently organize and promote business development in the region, which in turn will attract other companies to build their plants here.

This will undoubtedly require improvements in infrastructure, so all parties concerned will have to find a compromise.

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