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Tesla Giga 4 Berlin 2nd Stage Construction With The First Crane At The Site

Tesla Giga 4 Berlin 2nd Stage Construction With The First Crane At The Site

Preparations for the construction of the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin in Germany are proceeding rapidly. The first part of the cleaning of the planned plant is almost complete. 90 hectares of industrial forest and tree roots were removed, and excavators continue to dig trenches for electrification.

Thanks to the efforts of the Tesla enthusiast team, we are able to monitor progress at the construction site.

Yesterday, the first crane was delivered to the Tesla site. HS 8040.1 duty cycle crawler crane is a mobile crane. With a maximum load capacity of 40 tons, it is the most compact of the proven HS series. This is his greatest advantage if the device often has to be moved between construction sites. At the moment, the crane is already assembled and set to work.

Also at the construction site today was seen a Trommel Screen processing dirt and roots. Most likely, it will be used to sift the earth, to extract foreign objects and roots from it. This garbage could interfere in the future during construction work and/or have a negative impact on the design of the plant. The fact is that in the territory for Giga Berlin, in addition to industrial wood and roots there is a lot of construction waste, and there were also shells from the Second World War, which were already neutralized by special groups in February. 

Progress on the Tesla construction site is incredibly fast. One of the local enthusiasts, the young Emil Senkel, made a 3D map of the future plant, so that we all could better imagine what it would look like. This is an excellent work, which shows in detail what will be done next year at the place where now we see only a dirty field.

The deadline for filing objections to the factory of the American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla in Grünheide near Berlin expires today at midnight. Prior to this, citizens, environmental associations or civic initiatives could review project documents and criticize plans.

The Environmental Impact Report has been made publicly available since the beginning of the year. So far, about 145 objections have been received on topics such as water, forest, nature conservation and traffic. All these issues will be discussed on March 18 at a special meeting. Citizens or associations that have registered as required will be eligible to participate in the discussion.

It should be noted that the Brandenburg Environmental Associations approve the construction of the Tesla Gigafactory in Brandenburg and don't make any solid claims.

Business Insider in Germany said BUND, NABU, GrüneLiga, NaturFreunde, SDW and VCD said: “According to the state government, the planned Tesla plant should provide important economic impulses for Brandenburg and Berlin. Such construction and infrastructure projects are not fundamentally challenged by environmental associations.”

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