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German Politicians Call For Virtual Discussion Of Tesla Giga Berlin

German Politicians Call For Virtual Discussion Of Tesla Giga Berlin

According to Handelsblatt, in connection with the COVID-19, the CDU and FDP Economic Council in Germany is calling for the planned public participation procedures for the planned Tesla Gigafactory in Brandenburg to be carried out online. “With this key project for the capital region and our international reputation as a business center in Germany, the state government in Brandenburg urgently needs to become more innovative and flexible,” said Wolfgang Steiger, Secretary General of the CDU Economic Council.

In these times, the laws of planning, which were relevant in the last century, had to be changed. “Today, planning documents can be published on the Internet, and hearings can be held through existing web portals,” Steiger said. "The news should have arrived at the Potsdam Ministry of the Environment and Economics."

The FDP made a similar statement. “The state government absolutely needs to create the legal and technical background to virtually participate in the planning process,” said Michael Theurer, a parliamentary group.

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