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Hospitals Use Ventilators Donated By Tesla To Save Lives

Hospitals Use Ventilators Donated By Tesla To Save Lives

Ever since Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk began actively helping hospitals fight COVID-19, the media began a campaign against him. Journalists and news outlets actively and without hesitation daily publish articles in which they indicate inaccurate and sometimes untruthful information. Thus, in addition to receiving additional traffic, they mislead ordinary people who, not owning an information, trust their articles.

After CNN published an article stating that no California hospital received ventilators from Tesla, Musk was forced to intervene. He provided screenshots of emails between himself and a Los Angeles County health department official dated March 27, indicating county officials had tested the devices and intended to put them into use the next day. Musk also posted a screenshot of an email from the CEO of Mammoth Hospital in Mammoth Lakes, Calif., Stating that the ventilators "give us a fighting chance."

In addition, he provided a partial list of hospitals that received a donation from Tesla. The hospitals include facilities in California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington and New York, which stands as the US epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

The list of hospitals that received a donation from Tesla is impressive. Hospitals use the resulting ventilators to save lives. The facilities named also include a number of overseas hospitals in countries like Spain. The largest shipment - 59 ventilators - went to NYC Health + Hospitals.

Hospitals in Spain thank Tesla and Musk for being able to send vital ventilators so quickly.

The CNN journalist who wrote an article with false accusations did not verify the information he received. After Musk denied what was written in the article, the information there was slightly corrected, but it still did not reflect the truth.

Unfortunately, today there are many biased journalists and media who, despite the sad situation in the world, continue their game in which human lives are at stake. Instead of supporting someone who helps sick and dying people for free, they prefer to spread rot and distort the truth about his actions.


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