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Germany Government Forces All Gas Stations To Provide EV Charging

Germany Government Forces All Gas Stations To Provide EV Charging

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Germany stated that it obliges all gas stations in the country to offer charging for electric vehicles to stimulate demand for cars that reduce the negative impact on the environment.

According to Reuters, this statement was made as part of a large-scale economic recovery plan of 130 billion euros ($146.26 billion) to increase demand for electric cars, which is hampered by consumer concerns about charging.

Step-by-step taxes are also part of this plan to impose a fine on the ownership of large polluting combustion-engined sports utility vehicles.

Clients are often concerned about the limited range of electric cars and the fact that they will not be able to find a charging station. None of the automakers, except Tesla, have their own network of charging stations, which would allow their customers to drive freely. Therefore, the conversion of 14,118 gas stations in Germany should provide a significant increase in demand for electric cars.

In Germany, electric cars made up only 1.8% of new cars in 2019, diesel and gasoline cars accounted for 32% and 59.2%, respectively. But, according to the German vehicle agency KBA, in May 2020, electric vehicles accounted for 3.3% of sales. Of the 168,148 new registrations in May, 5578 were electric vehicles. Another 51.1% were gasoline, 31.6% were diesel cars and 17.6% were hybrid or plug-in hybrid cars.

According to BDEW, Germany’s association for the energy and water industry, as of March 2020, there were only 27,730 electric vehicle charging stations in Germany. BDEW said, that making electric cars a mass market phenomenon requires at least 70,000 charging stations and 7,000 fast charging stations.

An increase in the number of charging stations will undoubtedly lead to an increase in demand for electric cars. Also Tesla comes to Germany, which will undoubtedly saturate the market with a large number of cars of this automaker.

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