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Tesla Giga Berlin Model Y Plant Scheduled For Completion In Under A Year

Tesla Giga Berlin Model Y Plant Scheduled For Completion In Under A Year

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Tesla will present new blueprints for Giga Berlin's Model Y plant to ensure that production will start on schedule in less than a year, said Joerg Steinbach, the Minister of Economy in Brandenburg. 

"We expect a proposal that, in sum, will be more environmentally acceptable and thereby even more approvable. I assume that within the first half of next year['s] cars will be rolling off the conveyor belt there," said Steinbach. 

According to Bloomberg, the new plans will be presented either by the end of this week or the following week. The reworked plans could expedite the construction and approval of Giga Berlin's Model Y production plan. Tesla's revised blueprints are expected to address concerns that have persisted since work on Giga Berlin started, including the use of freshwater and the production of wastewater. 

Giga Berlin has received criticism from local citizens in the area. First, there was a concern over deforestation, which Tesla tried to resolve by promising to replant the felled trees for Giga Berlin in various forests in Germany. A local news outlet reported that Tesla has already replanted at least 40 hectares worth of young trees. 

Another primary concern was the Model Y production plant's water usage and wastewater production. The new blueprints Telsa will present to either this week or next week are expected to address the local citizen's water-related concerns at Giga Berlin. 

Meanwhile, work on Giga Berlin's foundation has continued. According to the early building permit, the State Environment Agency listed a few stipulations to Giga Berlin's foundation work, including that all construction must take place above the aquifier. 

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