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Tesla's Giga Berlin Takes Another Step Forward With Public 'Meet And Greet' Session


Tesla Giga Berlin staff recently hosted a meet and greet session introducing itself to the local community in Grünheide, Germany. The EV company gave lectures during the session, providing valuable information about Giga Berlin and Tesla's upcoming presence in the region.

According to Tesla enthusiast @Gf4Tesla--who was present during the meet and greet session--about 100 guests attended the event. Those in attendance were very interested in the company. Food and drink were available as well. Overall, the Tesla enthusiast noted that the EV automaker's meet and greet was met with positivity from the community. 

He also stated that the Tesla staff seems very dedicated to dispensing valuable information to the public about Giga Berlin. Each topic was discussed for an extensive amount of time, taking about three hours for individual discussions. Some of the topics covered were Tesla's company structure, future projects, and training opportunities. 

Based on the lecture topics, Tesla's meet and greet had two main purposes. First, it was set to provide the public with accurate information about Tesla. Second, the meet and greet was a good way for Tesla to discuss job opportunities. Based on the community's reaction, it appears that Giga Berlin may find itself very welcome among the area's residents. 

Overall, it appears that Tesla's meet and greet session for Giga Berlin was a success, with @Gf4Tesla noting that the end of each presentation from the electric car maker was met by applause. There were also about 100 people who attended the session, which is about twice the number of protesters that showed up for the anti-Giga Berlin demonstrations a few weeks ago, as per observations from rbb24

Giga Berlin is expected to start production with the Model Y, scheduled to start in 2021--if everything goes according to plan. The facility is also slated to manufacture five other Tesla vehicles once it is fully operational. 

Featured Image Credit: @Gf4Tesla/Twitter

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