Tesla Gigafactory 4 Supporters Hold Demonstration to Show Their Support Amid Anti-GF4 Protests


Tesla Gigafactory 4 supporters held a demonstration on Saturday, January 18, to show their love for the EV automaker’s presence in Grünheide, Brandenburg. The demonstration was Tesla supporters' answer to protesters who are against the construction of Gigafactory 4. 

According to Telsa enthusiast @Gf4Tesla, people in the Grünheide community gathered today to show their enthusiasm and support for the Elon Musk-led EV company. They wanted to show that not everyone in the community was against Tesla since recently-held protests have been getting much of the attention as of late. 

Quite a few people showed up for the demonstration. Even the local news attended to record the event—although which side the broadcast will take is yet to be known. There were Tesla supporters at the rally of every age. Some Teslas can be seen behind them as well.

The amount of coverage that Tesla GF4 protesters have been getting may have caused people outside the Grünheide, Germany, and the rest of the world to believe that the community doesn’t actually want the EV automaker in the area. According to the FaceBook post for the Tesla supporters’ demo, however, there are plenty of people in the community who think the company would be good for Grünheide.

“Most of the people of Grünheide are happy about the momentum Tesla will bring to the region. The motto should, therefore, not be to prevent but to help shape. Let us see Tesla as an opportunity and let us use the possibilities. So we want to welcome Tesla. And we look forward to a future together. With each other instead of against each other,” read the FB post for the event. 

So far, Brandenburg and local government authorities have been supportive of Tesla and Gigafactory 4. In fact, Brandenburg’s Minister of Economy, Jörg Steinbach, shared his enthusiasm for the EV automaker’s presence in the region. In an interview with Der Tagesspiegel, Steinbach explained Tesla GF4 could increase the number of jobs available in the area. He also mentioned that Gigafactory 4 could show other companies that the region was a viable place to invest in.

"I am optimistic that young people from all over Germany and far beyond want to take part in this project. Tesla can make the whole region more attractive. This also includes paying good wages and offering attractive working conditions. That is also a wonderful advertisement for our business location Brandenburg," the Minister of Economy said.

However, there is no denying that not everyone in the region is as welcoming to Tesla as Steinbach. Those against Tesla’s Gigafactory 4 believe that the EV automaker’s presence in the area is a threat to the community’s water supply. During the Tesla supporters’ demonstration, protesters passed through, revealing the Grünheide community’s two sides.

The Strausberg-Erkner Water Association has warned that water shortages could occur while Tesla builds Gigafactory 4 Phase 1, reported RBB24. However, the State Office for the Environment in Brandenburg is doing everything in its power to ensure that Tesla’s new factory will not harm the environment. For its part, Tesla has opened two-way communication with the Grünheide community to quell their fears.

Featured Image Credit: @Gf4Tesla/Twitter

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