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Tesla Giga Berlin Charges Ahead as Almost All Buildings Have Walls & Roofs, Equipment Installation on Tap

Tesla Giga Berlin Charges Ahead as Almost All Buildings Have Walls & Roofs, Equipment Installation on Tap

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Looking at the progress of the construction of Giga Berlin, it seems that, already by the very beginning of 2021, all buildings will be completely ready for internal work. Despite the temporary delays in obtaining the final permit, preliminary permits allow Tesla to carry out all the necessary work and installation of equipment in the Paint Shop.

Video footage shows that almost all buildings have walls and roofs, which are important for protection against adverse weather and precipitation. The Drive Unit building is externally fully finished, and internal construction work is underway to prepare the premises for the equipment installation.

In the Casting building, floor preparation continues for the massive and heavy Giga Presses that will produce pieces for the unique Model Y. Vehicles manufactured at Giga Berlin will have a single-piece casting front and rear, which will create a new, stronger, safer, and less costly architecture.

The construction of the General Assembly (GA) and Body in White buildings have also made great progress. Along the perimeter of the GA building, two-story structures are installed, in which office premises are likely to be located. The roof insulation of these buildings is almost complete, so it is impossible to see what is happening inside.

The Press Shop continues to grow, and now we can already see a large building with walls and a roof, although it seems that in the future it will be expanded even more.

Tesla is continuing to install the latest equipment in the Paint Shop. And recently, on the territory of Giga Berlin, 4 body-in-white Model Ys were noticed, which, as we assume, will be used for testing the painting equipment.

Source: Tobias Lindh/YouTube

A number of German politicians expect Tesla to receive a final building permit by the end of this year, which should further encourage the company to build even faster.


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