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Tesla Giga Berlin's Final Environmental Building Permit Won’t Delay Construction, Says Minister Steinbach

Tesla Giga Berlin's Final Environmental Building Permit Won’t Delay Construction, Says Minister Steinbach

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At this stage, Tesla is building its Giga Berlin in Germany with several prior approvals at its own risk. According to the company's plan, production there should begin in mid-2021, but the final environmental permit has not yet been received. However, this should not delay Tesla’s timeline for the start of production, unless the company has other unforeseen circumstances, said Jörg Steinbach.

RBB spoke with the Minister for Economic Affairs, Labor and Energy Jörg Steinbach about Tesla's plans and timing in light of the fact that the final approval has not yet been received. Obtaining a final environmental permit has not delayed Tesla's plans to be realized, according to the minister, though there was a delay last year due to protracted public hearings.
"I cannot judge at this point if Tesla will recover this time or if it will end up delaying the start of production, but that is primarily the cause of the delay and not the final approval."

The licensing authority and relevant authorities are currently examining the objections to the project, taking into account the results of public hearings. Nevertheless, the minister's answer hints that this process may already be on the home stretch.

At the same time, Steinbach said that he could not rule out any other delays because Tesla did not officially inform him about whether there were any or not.
"I don’t want to exclude that there are delays in the production process but I have not been officially informed by Tesla."

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