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Tesla Giga Berlin Is Making Unbelievable Progress, Equipment Goes in as Most Buildings Largely Complete

Tesla Giga Berlin Is Making Unbelievable Progress, Equipment Goes in as Most Buildings Largely Complete

Photos: the_wolfpack_berlin/Twitter

Manufacturing and delivery remain a key part of Tesla's growth strategy. The company's overall share in the European market has increased in 2020, but Gigafactory Berlin is set to provide even more significant growth in local supply, similar to what happened after the construction of Gigafactory Shanghai. Construction of the Berlin factory is continuing as planned. The company announced that it has already begun to move machinery into the building.

Drone operator the_wolfpack_berlin/Twitter shows tremendous progress in construction. Although some parts of the building are still incomplete, they look negligible compared to what has already been done.

In general, the outer shell of the Drive Unit seems to be completely finished. Judging by the photos, only a few windows and doors, as well as a facade in the front part of the building, remain to be installed. Internal work continues in the building, after which the installation of the equipment will begin.

At General Assembly (GA) and Body in White (BiW), the last precast concrete columns have already been installed around the perimeter. The installation of the frames and roof decking is already nearing completion. Looking at the buildings from a west-south angle, we see more and more similarities to the render that Tesla unveiled six months ago. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the walls will be painted with graffiti, although he did not specify the external or internal part of them.

The Paint Shop building is also largely finished. It has a full roof, most walls, and a facade. On the east and north sides, there are areas partially uncovered by walls, through which some kind of production equipment is likely to be brought in. In its Q4 2020 Earnings Report, Tesla shared photos that show the equipment has already begun to be installed there.

Source: Tesla

The Casting building remains the only one that is least completed. It does not yet have an east wall, but the installation of the roof has already begun. In the frames, you can see that there is something covered inside. Perhaps these are parts for installing Giga Press, although their installation has not yet begun.


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