Tesla Could Use AMD Navi 23 GPU in Model S & X Infotainment System

Tesla Could Use AMD Navi 23 GPU in Model S & X Infotainment System

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Apparently, the new Tesla Model S and Model X, among other things, will receive AMD GPUs. The source published a diagram that allegedly belongs to Tesla, where it is clearly seen that the AMD Navi 23 GPU will serve as the heart of a certain subsystem.

In November, Tesmanian reported that there were rumors that Tesla could use AMD's upcoming Navi 23 graphics processing unit (GPU) to power its infotainment systems. This information was originally posted by Twitter user Patrick Schur, a known leaker of AMD engineering samples and news. His original post contained several Navi 23 blueprints with Tesla's stamp, but these were later removed to protect his sources.

A few days ago, Patrick posted a new diagram that allegedly belongs to Tesla, which confirms that Tesla will be using AMD's Navi 23 GPU for its onboard entertainment, and possibly navigation systems as well.

Navi 23 would have access to 4x 2 GB GDDR6 VRAM chips produced by Samsung. Memory speed is set to 14 GT/s and the memory bus is 128-bit wide, which would translate into a total VRAM bandwidth of 224 GB/s, matching the Xbox Series S console in this regard.

Tesla's specs mention that the infotainment system powered by the Navi 23 GPU can deliver 10 TFLOPS of FP32 compute performance. Navi 23 is rumored to integrate 64 MB of Infinity Cache and 32 compute units, such that FP32 performance would translate to a core clock of around 2.44 GHz, reported Notebook Check.

The diagram does not show this, but the infotainment system is most likely still powered by a custom Intel Atom CPU. There are 2x DisplayPort and HDMI 1.4 video outputs that connect the Navi 23 GPU to the onboard displays, and the board to board connection is limited to PCIe 3.0 x8. It is entirely possible that this SKU is custom-made for the Tesla cars.

According to Tesla, the new system will offer up to 10 teraflops of power, which is comparable to the Sony PlayStation 5. In order to achieve such a FP32 compute power, 32 Compute Units of Navi 23 GPU (2048 Stream Processors) would have to be clocked at least 2.44 GHz.

Source: Videocardz.com

Such a powerful GPU opens up completely new possibilities for the manufacturer. The ability to play games in the car is impressive, but the ability to include AAA games, like the Witcher or Cyberpunk can totally blow your mind.


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