Global Equities Research Lays Out 10 Catalysts for Tesla TSLA Growth, Confirms $1000 Price Target

Global Equities Research Lays Out 10 Catalysts for Tesla TSLA Growth, Confirms $1000 Price Target

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) demonstrates sustainable development by building new factories, entering new markets, benefiting from global policies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, and creating innovative technologies. Global Equities Research has identified a number of catalysts that may further accelerate Tesla's continued growth.

Global Equities Research analyst Trip Choudhry has listed 10 catalysts for Tesla, while confirming his $1,000 price target.

  1. Green Act - Federal Tax Credits of $7,000 for the next 400,000 Tesla vehicles highly likely
  2. Expanded Geographies - China, Japan, India
  3. Model S and X Refresh - Deliveries becoming significant starting April 2021; Demand Extremely Strong. Demand for Model S Plaid Tri-motor ($113K) is extremely Strong
  4. Tesla "Engage" - Social Network Platform - March 15, 2021; expanded capabilities by December 2021
  5. The shift from NMC chemistry to LFP chemistry^ better 0-60 mph, better range> 400 miles, cheaper
  6. Cybertruck Update Reveal - Mid-April 2021
  7. Tesla Roadster - Deliveries to start in December 2021
  8. Tesla DoJo - Neural Network Processing Unit - Expected October 2021
  9. Tesla FSD (Full-Self Driving) by October 2021 (Currently in expanded Beta Program)
  10. Tesla a TECHNOLOGY COMPANY: Full Al Stack, DoJo NPU, Hydra Neural Network

Green Act: expands the existing tax incentives available for the sale of electric vehicles. According to the act, the government would increase the credit limit for electric vehicles for manufacturers to 600,000 vehicles.

Expanded Geographies: Tesla continues its rapid development in the Chinese market, and will begin deliveries from Giga Shanghai to the Japanese market. India may also be home to the company's next factory, and right now, it is a huge market with multi-billion dollar opportunities.

Refreshed Model S and X are in very high demand, and according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, its production will soon switch to two shifts.

Tesla shifts NMC chemistry to LFP chemistry in batteries for standard range models. This step will help to avoid difficulties with the supply of nickel, whose reserves are rare and limited.

Cybertruck update reveal will happen sometime in Q2 2021, according to Musk. Tesla is expected to reveal more details about the design, options, features, as well as may give an update on the start of deliveries.

The Neural Network Processing Unit--Dojo--is expected to be ready in October 2021. Dojo will be able to process vast amounts of video training data and efficiently run hyperspace arrays with an extreme number of parameters, plenty of memory, and is ultra-high bandwidth between cores.

Full-Self Driving (FSD) may be ready by October 2021, which will be a huge impetus for the further development of the company and affect its profitability.

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