A Huge Batch of 1,500 Tesla Model 3 Arrives in Australia

Eva Fox by Eva Fox June 04, 2021

A Huge Batch of 1,500 Tesla Model 3 Arrives in Australia

Photo: Blazin Affro/Facebook

A huge batch of Teslas has arrived in Australia. It is reported that there could be more than 1,500 Model 3s there, which will be a significant contribution to the rollout of electric vehicles on the country's roads.

Although Australia is growing to accept electric vehicles at a slow pace, Tesla vehicles are welcome here. Ship/delivery tracker VedaPrime reported a few days ago that the third ship in the quarter, Morning Clara, with Tesla cars for Australia arrived at Port Kembla. He also revealed that there were over 1,500 vehicles on board, all of which are Model 3, as sales of Model Y and of the refreshed Model S and X have not yet begun there. This batch also includes the first Long Range variant of the cars in this quarter.

A few days after the ship’s arrival, Blazin Affro/Facebook posted a sweeping video showing hundreds of Model 3s neatly parked in the port. Since they are all wrapped in a protective cover, it is impossible to see their color. Nevertheless, it is clearly seen that there are a very large number of them.

Thus, we can trace the general trend that despite the fact that the Australian government does not support the transition to electric vehicles, Australians are confidently choosing Tesla as a new car. At the same time, no other EV manufacturer has been able to achieve similar success in the country.

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