Tesla FSD Subscription May Be Launched in Early July, Hints Company Email

Tesla FSD Subscription May Be Launched in Early July, Hints Company Email

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The latest data from a Tesla car owner in Taiwan hints that the Full Self-Driving (FSD) Subscription is almost complete and will launch in early July. The launch of the service should open up many opportunities for Tesla car users and bring benefits to the company.

@hsumacher/Twitter reported that Tesla has shared the terms of a new promotion in Taiwan. On June 3, the company sent out emails in which it shared information about the new program, which will run until June 30. If the owner of a Tesla car refers a new buyer who receives delivery before September 30, 2021, then both will receive a free trial of FSD for three months. In addition, a timeframe was specified in the letter. If the referral's car is delivered before June 30, then the FSD will be available at the beginning of July, and if delivery occurs before September 30, then the FSD will be available in October.

This information clearly indicates that the FSD Subscription will be ready before July 2021, since it is only possible to get temporary access to FSD if the Subscription feature is ready. On May 25, Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote that the feature will become available to customers in approximately three weeks, which corresponds to mid-June. Considering that in addition to the FSD Subscription, the company is simultaneously working on a number of other important functions—such as the transition to Pure Vision and the release of a new version of FSD Beta—a small delay is quite justified.

FSD subscription is a welcome feature and will surely be a highly requested one. Ordering FSD by subscription will be beneficial for many users. Firstly, the cost of FSD is not taken into account in trade-ins, therefore owners who buy a new car often may find a time-limited use of FSD more profitable. Apart from that, subscribing for a short time can be a great addition when people are renting a Tesla car. At the moment, it remains unknown for what timeframe(s) and cost(s) it will be possible to take the FSD subscription.

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