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Hundreds of Suppliers Have Registered to Work with Tesla Giga Berlin as Factory Nears Completion

Hundreds of Suppliers Have Registered to Work with Tesla Giga Berlin as Factory Nears Completion

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Tesla's presence in Brandenburg is a powerful engine of economic development for the region. Giga Berlin will create thousands of jobs at the plant and probably tens of thousands at other companies looking to supply for the Californian manufacturer. To date, more than 350 companies have applied to refer them to Tesla.

While Tesla's factory is in its final stages of construction and awaiting final environmental approval, suppliers are not wasting time. As it became known to Business Insider, about 300 companies have registered with the Brandenburg Economic Development Agency with a request to refer them to the Californian manufacturer. The agency accepts requests and forwards them to Tesla, where the company independently decides whether they are interested in this or that company or not. “We take requests and pass them directly to Tesla without comment,” said the spokesperson for the Economic Development Brandenburg Corporation (WFBB) Alexander Gallrein Business Insider.

However, the WFBB is not the only agency that accepts applications from companies to collaborate with Tesla. Local and foreign suppliers can contact the East Brandenburg Chamber of Commerce with a similar request. According to Business Insider, 58 companies that want to work with Tesla Giga Berlin have already registered there.

Thus, at the moment, more than 350 companies are known who want to work with Tesla. It is also worth noting that this number includes only companies that have contacted the agencys and the number of companies that have contacted Tesla directly remains unknown.

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