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Tesla Invites Artists to Help Cover Giga Berlin in Awesome Graffiti Art

Tesla Invites Artists to Help Cover Giga Berlin in Awesome Graffiti Art

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A few months ago Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the walls of Giga Berlin will be filled with graffiti art and now the company is moving towards achieving this. Tesla has invited artists to help cover Giga Berlin in awesome graffiti art, which will make it even more attractive and unique.

The construction of Giga Berlin will soon be completed. On May 26, GOLDBECK, which was part of the team building Tesla's new factory in Germany, said it had completed its work there. After 10 months of hard work, they are proud to have achieved such incredible success. This marks the completion of the construction of the factory, and the campaign is moving on to the next stages of its development.

Creativity and Tesla have always gone hand in hand because Elon Musk is a very creative person. In early February, he shared a video of Giga Berlin showing the progress of construction. He later added a comment that the walls of the buildings would serve as a canvas for graffiti.

Now that construction is almost complete, Tesla has begun looking for artists who want to decorate the walls of Giga Berlin. The company, on its official Twitter account, posted an announcement in which it provides an email address where artists can send their works for further participation in the selection.

"If you want to help cover Giga Berlin in awesome graffiti art, send us your work at"

Graffiti wall decoration isn't new to Tesla. Last year, Tesla China, aiming to be attractive and fun for locals who hate monotony and want to stand out from the crowd, gave one of its delivery centers a personality. On one of the hall's large corner walls, an impressive Falcon painting hovers overhead, against which the Tesla Model X seems to come to life. Artists can now breathe life and creativity into the walls of Giga Berlin, which is an absolute symbol of modern innovation.

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