SpaceX Starlink Internet is now available in Nordic countries – Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, & Sweden

SpaceX Starlink Internet is now available in Nordic countries – Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, & Sweden

SpaceX is rapidly expanding Starlink broadband satellite coverage globally. A few months ago, the company launched a fleet of internet-beaming satellites that operate over the Arctic region to serve countries in high-latitudes. Starlink Internet is now available in Nordic countries, including: Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Starlink became available in these regions in November and December 2022. This week, SpaceX announced Starlink is ready to be delivered to the island nation of Iceland. 



The only Nordic country that currently does not have Starlink coverage is Greenland. SpaceX will launch more satellites to serve more people living in remote places in the Arctic region. Some areas in these regions receive a lot of snow, making it difficult to build  reliable terrestrial internet infrastructures, especially in sparsely populated areas. The Starlink satellite system is ideal for geographically isolated areas where internet connectivity is either unreliable or completely unavailable. Users can simply access the satellite constellation with a Starlink phased array antenna that connects to a Wi-Fi router to wirelessly access high-speed internet. 

According to SpaceX’s official Starlink Coverage Map, Starlink satellites already beam internet data to almost all of Europe, including: United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Greece, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia, and portions of neighboring countries, like war-torn communities in Ukraine amid the Russia war. As of today, SpaceX operates approximately 3,580 Starlink satellites in Low Earth Orbit and the company is working to deploy 7,500 upgraded next-generation satellites that will build a robust internet network. Visit for more information about the internet service.


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