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Additional invitations for Cybertruck unveil - is it real?

Additional invitations for Cybertruck unveil - is it real?


Los Angeles

November, 2019

Mankind is divided into classes of people and replicants - products of genetic engineering, artificial people, androids. Replicants are outwardly indistinguishable from people, but are in the position of people’s slaves and perform functions that are either risky of life or degrading. Despite their productivity from people and institutionalized second-rate, the latest models of replicants surpass their creators with physical strength and intelligence.
To preserve control over replicants, the creators laid down a genetic program in them, according to which, after four years of life, replicants die. However, some replicants do not want to put up with such a situation and go on the run in search of a way to extend their life, or simply not wanting to be slaves. These "broken robots" are subject to physical destruction, or "dismissal." This function is assigned to a special division of law enforcement agencies - “blade runners”
Yes, Los Angeles in November 2019 was not the most pleasant place in the universe, especially for replicants ...
Thanks to the universe and the Lord of all simulation, these events occur take place not in our simulation.
Mr. Musk tried to make this November for all of us the most anticipated November of our lives.
Thanks, Mr. Musk.


The Cybertruck will be unveiled at Tesla’s design studio in Los Angeles, California, which sits on the same lot as SpaceX’s headquarters.
We know that the forthcoming pickup truck has a “heart-stopping” design, with better utility than a Ford F-150 and superior performance to a basic Porsche 911.
From the information about design that was available, we only have a photo of one of the parts of Cybertruck.
Due to the lack of information, people's imagination began to work at an extremely high level. Thanks to this, we could see a large number of Cybertruck renders. Read about this in our article: "Elon, Help us to STOP the CyberTruck renders PLEASE!!"
Well, yes, undoubtedly it will be so, but for now our mind going to blow from renders.
Yesterday we found out that Tesla registered Cybertruck And CYBRTRK

As always, Tesla sends invitations to the event by email. We know that engineer Simone Giertz has definitely received the invitation.
Yesterday, some of the Tesla community members received long-awaited invitations. Well, we sincerely congratulate them, because the opportunity to attend this party is unique and incredibly cool.
A number of Tesla-enthusiasts have also received notifications that they are in a waiting list for the event.
Since the Cybertruk unveil is a long-awaited event, it is absolutely natural that all Elon Musk's and Tesla's fans would like to attend the event, but unfortunately this is not possible.
Thanks to The Short Shorts Historian, we can find out what those who still have not received an invitation are thinking about.

Elon, these guys probably deserve an invitation to the event. Be so kind as to consider sending them invitations.

XIVthWonder's words make a sense. Maybe Tesla could arrange some kind of competition, lottery or auction, the main prize at which would be an invitation to an event?

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