Tesla Pickup Truck Unveiling Reaches Full Capacity as 'CYBRTRK' and 'Cybertruck' Trademarks Get Registered


Tesla’s Cybertruck Unveil invitations have been sent and the event is already full. A number of Tesla-enthusiasts have also received notifications that they are in a waiting list for the event. Tesla has prepared for its pickup truck prior to the unveiling as well by trademarking 'CYBRTRK' and 'Cybertruck.'

The Cybertruck event will take place on Thursday, November 21, at Tesla’s Design Center in Hawthorne, California. Tesla recently registered Cybertruck and CYBRTRK at the US Patent office, together with what appears to be a stylized rendition of the vehicle's name. So, they have officially trademarked the name of the vehicle. All Tesla has to do now is unveil the Cybertruck to the world.

According to Trevor Page of Tesla Owners Online, invitations for Elon Musk’s Cybertruck Unveil event have been sent and the event has already reached full capacity. Now, Tesla is waiting for people to confirm they are attending.

For Tesla-enthusiasts who didn’t receive an invite, don’t lose hope. There’s a waiting list. Although the likelihood of someone actually declining or canceling their Cybertruck invitation is very low. A myriad of people received their invites to Elon Musk’s event on Thursday night, November 14. Those lucky few who have the option to attend the Cybertruck unveiling immediately shared their invitations online.

Based on all the Twitter posts alone, quite a few Tesla-enthusiasts were invited. A lot of the people invited are quite prolific in the Tesla community, including YouTuber @LikeTeslaKim, long-time Tesla owner Bonnie Norman, and Erik Strait of DAErik.

With her sharp eyes, Telsa-enthusiast @LikeTeslaKim noticed two wheels on the invitation. She enhanced the image in the background of the invite and was able to get a better. It also looks like the Cybertruck has a fairly long bed.

According to the multiple pictures of the invitation shared online, the Cybertruck event’s doors will open at 7pm, and remarks will begin at 8pm. The event will be partly outdoors and partly indoors. As such, Tesla was kind enough to suggest that people prepare for outdoor weather and wear proper clothing.

Featured Image Credit: LikeTeslaKim/Twitter

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