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Tesla Model S Plaid Is World's Fastest Production Car While Keeping Peace with Nature, Says Jay Leno

Tesla Model S Plaid Is World's Fastest Production Car While Keeping Peace with Nature, Says Jay Leno

Photo: CNBC Television

Car expert and Tesla fan Jay Leno is delighted with the Model S Plaid, which he recently tested on the drag strip. The novelty from Tesla has become the fastest production car in the world while maintaining a unity with nature, which is unique.

In mid-May, the famous Jay Leno was spotted at the Autoclub Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield testing Model S Plaid. In early June, he joined Spike's Car Radio and shared some interesting details about the electric sports sedan. Leno confirmed that he and an NHRA official were present when Plaid set a new record quarter-mile time of 9.247 seconds. In addition, he had the opportunity test-drive a Model S Plaid and was amazed at the experience.

Leno will share his experience in an episode of 'Jay Leno's Garage' due in Fall 2021. However, he did a short interview with Shepard Smith on CNBC Television and shared a few short clips of footage.

"It [Model S Plaid] was a winner it is now the fastest production car, faster than a Ferrari or any Bugatti."

The car expert was really amazed at the performance of the Model S Plaid, which is the same (or better) than vehicles of very expensive ICE car brands. He stressed that despite the fact that it costs $130,000, Model S Plaid has the same performance as cars with internal combustion engines, for which you'll have to spend at least $1 million.

"$130,000 is a tremendous amount of money, but to get the same performance from an internal combustion engine, you would have to spend in the case of Bugatti $2.5 million, of Ferrari close to $1 million, so it's pretty amazing."

Leno said he loves this car for other reasons as well. For example, he is a fan of American technology developed in America using local materials: "I'm a huge fan of American technology--especially products developed here in America with locally sourced stuff and that's why I love this car."

Another feature is that Model S is an electric vehicle, which means that it uses an electric motor that runs incredibly quietly. The car was tested at the Autoclub Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, surrounded by nature. Leno said that there were trees around where birds were sitting, and when he pressed the acceleration pedal, the birds remained sitting in the trees. This is unique to drag strips, as they usually test cars with internal combustion engines that make a lot of noise, but with Tesla, this is absolutely not the case.

"That drag strip was near Bakersfield in an agricultural area. There was farming all around, there was birds on the Christmas tree when I stepped on the accelerator and took off, the birds were still there. You go to any drag strip and it's horrible noises, tire smoke. But the fact that you can go that fast [in a Tesla], that swiftly and that quickly, it's pretty amazing."


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