Tesla Is at Least 5 Years Ahead of Other Auto Companies, Says Tuopu Group

Tesla Is at Least 5 Years Ahead of Other Auto Companies, Says Tuopu Group

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Tesla continues its active development in the global car market. Chinese Tesla supplier Tuopu Group is confident that the company is on the right path of development and is already at least five years ahead of all competitors.

Tuopu Group is a leading China auto parts company, committed to the R&D and manufacturing of Power Chassis Systems, Interior & Exterior Systems, and Intelligent Driving Control Systems. Its main clients are traditional car companies such as Geely, General Motors, and innovative automaker, Tesla.

Based on many years of experience in the field, the chairman of the company, Wu Jianshu, is confident that the American manufacturer does everything right in the way of its development, from positioning products to manufacturing and selling them. STCN reports that Jianshu expressed his faith in Tesla during personal communication with institutional investors. Although the chairman called the company "A," in the context of his words, it was clear that he meant Tesla.

“During the process of cooperation with customers, I deeply realized that all things done by Company A were correct. Yes, including product positioning, R&D, manufacturing, supplier management, quality, marketing, etc. are all very correct."

Jianshu is confident that, thanks to all this, Tesla is ahead of other car companies by at least five years. “For other car companies, there is a break of at least five years,” he said. He pointed out that the company's sales continue to grow in both Europe and the USA.

"We can see that Company A's sales in Europe grew 240% in May, and North America also grew significantly...We can't just look at the appearance, we are very optimistic, and the current orders are normal."

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