JPMorgan Provides Tesla China Status Update: Everything Is Fine

JPMorgan Provides Tesla China Status Update: Everything Is Fine

With the recent negative news coming from China, JPMorgan looked at Tesla's success in the country and found that there was no real cause for concern. The company's cars are still popular, and some of the competitors will leave the market over time. JPMorgan released a note describing its findings regarding the Chinese EV market and Tesla's place in it.

Several days ago, some media reported that Tesla orders in China were cut in half in May compared to April. It was also reported that the waiting time for order fulfillment decreased, which was the reason for the above thesis. In order to verify the accuracy of this information, JPMorgan's representatives visited three Tesla stores in Shanghai and spoke with several sellers.

According to the information received, the waiting time for customers to receive Model 3 and Y delivery has generally decreased compared to Q1 2021. However, this is largely due to the simplification and rationalization of the Shanghai government of the buyer registration process for obtaining a “green license plate” under purchase quota regulations in the city. It used to take two to three months from purchase to final delivery (including obtaining an official green license plate). Now this time has been reduced to about one month. The queues for license plate registrations literally consist of Tesla vehicles.

Tesla store staff also confirmed that store attendance and levels of interest or inquiries have not changed much this year, despite recent protests at the Shanghai Auto Show for concerns about the failure of Tesla's braking system that have recently been unfoundedly reported by local media. May sales data will be released by the CPCA (China Passenger Car Association) in the coming days. Despite the proliferation of false reports of low sales figures that surfaced a few days ago, some sources claim that deliveries could exceed 40,000, which would be a great result and a huge achievement.

At the moment, the competition in the Chinese market is heating up. JPMorgan expects more competitors to share the same addressable market with Tesla in the next 12-24 months, a dynamic similar to that seen in the smartphone market after Apple expanded its presence in China in 2007. However, the competition in the smart electric vehicle market will be similar to the competition in the battery market in China. The number of registered battery suppliers here has dropped significantly over the past decade, from nearly 200 to less than 30-40 today. Among those who have survived the competition and consolidation of the industry, only 5-10 are the best. The electric car market will also face this, and only large companies like Tesla will be able to survive and lead the charge forward.

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