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Tesla FSD Subscription May Feature Options Including 'Weekend Mode' & 'Travel Mode'

Tesla FSD Subscription May Feature Options Including 'Weekend Mode' & 'Travel Mode'

The FSD Subscription is a hotly anticipated update that will become available over the next few weeks. At the moment, the company has not provided any details of the feature. However, according to unofficial information, the FSD Subscription may be available for specific timeframes or specific days—such as on the weekend or while traveling.

Relying on reverse engineering data from u/Callump01/Reddit, in addition to the fact that Tesla is going to embed Insurance in its App, other interesting information became known. According to his description, the company has already done a lot of work on the FSD Subscription and is currently close to completion. At this point, the 'cart' system has already been completed and some bits have been added around the payment processor. u/Callump01 believes the feature is already very close to release and the final touches are being applied right now.

Based on the information received, it appears that the owners will be able to refund their subscriptions within a set period of time. Those who opt out of using the service will be asked to inform the team about the reasons for this decision, although this is an optional action by the owner.

In addition, u/Callump01 was able to see that Tesla may offer "weekend mode" and "travel mode.” While no details have been obtained as to what these actually are, the names hint at what these modes could represent. For those Tesla owners who are accustomed to using FSD in their daily trips, it can be a big problem when they have to travel not in their own car. Therefore, the ability to activate FSD for just a few days would be a big blessing for them.

u/Callump01 highlights that the only option codes currently listed for subscriptions are $APF2 (FSD Activated) and $CPF1 (Premium Connectivity). Therefore, at the moment, it doesn't look like users will be able to 'buy now, pay later' for any other upgrades such as acceleration boost or enhanced Autopilot.

Billing periods are currently only updated monthly. However, u/Callump01 points out that there are sections of code that reference setting up other billing periods. Another report, from another source, indicates that users will be able to subscribe to FSD for various periods (one week, one month, six months, etc.) Tesla has developed an interesting new subscriptions page that will allow for various customizations, such as enabling auto-renewal, updating billing address/details, downloading PDF invoices, and so forth.

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