The first test of Made in China Model 3

The first test of Made in China Model 3

Tesla China recently released a new teaser for made in China Model 3, saying the car will "appear soon" in the largest car market in the world.

Tesla China posted on social media:

“Made in China Model 3 is coming soon, stay tuned”



As stated earlier in our article "Tesla China Releases Another Model 3 Teaser as 11.11 Launch Date Rumors Emerge", сiting local reports, analyst Ming Zhao stated that November 11 is the date hinted at by Tesla in its recent Model 3 teaser.
Kelvin Yang, a known Tesla enthusiast, made a similar announcement about an 11/11 delivery date. He further suggested that Tesla China may officially unveil the made in China Model 3, or it may be delivering a small batch of Model 3 units produced in Gigafactory 3 on 11/11. 

Today, on November 7, Tesla announced the made in China Model 3 at its official Weibo.

The most obvious difference between the appearance of the new Tesla made in China and the imported version is that the Chinese Tesla badge was added.

Photo credit: Tesla Official Weibo

Chinese user comments on Tesla's official WeChat post showing the made in China Model 3.


According to our previous report "Over 20 Tesla Model 3 Trial Production Units Spotted in Gigafactory 3", Gigafactory 3 has already made over 3 dozens trial production models of Model 3. Although these are only trial production units, the company has shown that they can successfully produce a car on Gigafactory 3 before the start of full production.

“China is by far the largest market for premium midsize sedans. We believe that model 3, priced at medium-sized gasoline-powered sedans (even before saving gas and other benefits), means China could be the largest market for model 3, ”Tesla said in the third quarter earnings report.

Media was invited to try out first Shanghai made Model 3.


Tesla Model 3 Made in China, with the Chinese logo looks badass.


Tesla Model 3 made in China comes standard with the basic version of the auxiliary driving function with active safety features such as collision avoidance, blind spot control, preventing lane departure, preventing emergency lane departure, and the car also has an automatic auxiliary steering. Active cruise control and convenient features.

In terms of safety, Model 3 not only won the highest five-star safety rating in tests by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the European New Car Safety Assessment Association (Euro NCAP), but also won the United States Highway Traffic Safety Insurance Association (IIHS) in 2019 year. Top Safety Car Award.

Model 3 is widely popular all over the world. According to the third quarter earnings report, the Model 3 was the company's best-selling car, accounting for 82% of its third-quarter total sales worldwide.

According to Nolasia, China has the largest car market in the world, so the release of the Tesla Model 3 in China is a huge step for Tesla.
It is also worth noting that since 2008, the Chinese government has already allocated $ 60 billion for development cars with battery power.

As a whole, China’s energy market has now taken a course to reduce CO2 emissions. The electricity generation capacity of China is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.6 percent with a growth in the generation of renewable energy at 38.2 percent CAGR by 2020. Furthermore, China’s dependency on thermal power has declined from 77 percent to 64 percent, and it can go below 50 percent within a decade if the restraint continues on coal power production. China plans to rely more on electricity generation from nuclear, renewable sources such as solar and wind power, and natural gas to replace coal. This is being done to achieve the goal of diminishing carbon emissions and heavy air pollution in urban areas. By 2020, China has intended to introduce 15 percent non-fossil fuel consumption by reducing the dependence on coal fossil fuel.

Renewable capacity addition for China is expected to increase by 14-16 percent, and solar capacity is expected to grow, mainly due to the solar capacity target of 100 GW to be achieved by 2020.

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