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Tesla Giga Shanghai MIC Model 3 Wait Time Now 4-6wks, as Demand Spikes on Price Drop & Exports Begin

Tesla Giga Shanghai MIC Model 3 Wait Time Now 4-6wks, as Demand Spikes on Price Drop & Exports Begin

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Tesla car sales continue to grow, which indicates the ever-increasing demand. Thanks to the production of Model 3 in China, Tesla was able to partially satisfy the thirst of customers in the local market, however, despite the constant increase in production capabilities, Giga Shanghai is barely keeping up with the demand.

Tesmanian noticed on the company's website that the Model 3 delivery time for the Chinese consumer, which was previously 1-2 weeks, is now 4-6 weeks, clearly indicating that demand is outstripping supply.

October 1, Tesla China officially confirmed that it had started using cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries in its China-made Model 3. This, in turn, has led to significant price decreases and an incredible boost to demand. Due to price adjustments, all stores are overcrowded with customers rushing to order the China-made Model 3 at a freshly reduced price.

Tesla China has also recently started exporting Model 3 to Europe, and there are plans to expand to other markets in the future. The first export of about 7,000 vehicles began shipping out on October 27, and is expected to arrive in the Belgian port at the end of November.

Due to the overwhelming demand, the wait times for delivery have been significant impacted. And this is the case despite Giga Shanghai's robust efforts to increase production capacity, which have included expanding its assembly lines and adding a third shift.

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