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Breaking: Tesla Giga Shanghai-Made Model Y Granted Permit for Sales & Purchase Tax Exemption

Breaking: Tesla Giga Shanghai-Made Model Y Granted Permit for Sales & Purchase Tax Exemption

The China-made Tesla Model Y has received a sales permit and has been included in the list of new energy vehicle models exempt from purchase tax.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has included the domestic Model Y in the list of new energy vehicle models exempt from vehicle purchase tax, and the vehicle was recommended for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles this year. This means that Model Y is now legal for sale in China and owners will receive a tax exemption on the purchase. This is great news for anyone looking to purchase this model.

Tesla's website offers a formula in order to correctly calculate the cost of a car:

"The Vehicle Purchase Tax Law stipulates that the taxable amount of vehicle purchase tax is calculated by multiplying the taxable price of the taxable vehicle by the tax rate. The taxable price of the taxable vehicle purchased by the taxpayer for his own use is the total amount paid by the taxpayer to the seller. The price does not include VAT. For example, the vehicle price is N yuan, the value-added tax rate is 13%, and the purchase tax rate is 10%. The estimated purchase tax deduction amount is N ÷ 1.13 x 10%."

November 5th, 2020, Tesmanian discovered that Giga Shanghai had submitted applications to China’s MIIT for the upcoming China-made Model Y production approval, which already then indicated the imminent start of production.

MIC Model Y will have the Tesla Chinese characters "特斯拉" badge on the left.

Based on the public application to MIIT, the newly China-made Tesla Model Y will use TSL6480BEVBA0 as the product/model number. Production location will be "No. 5000 Jiangshan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China," which is Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai.

Size of the MIC (Made-in-China) Tesla Model Y:

Length: 4750 mm

Width: 1921 mm

Height: 1624 mm

Weight: 2415 KG

Wheelbase: 2890 mm

Tire specifications: 255 / 45R19,255 / 40R20

Number of passengers: 5

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): LRWYGCEE×××××××××

Meanwhile, recently on the roads near the factory, and on the test track at Giga Shanghai, test versions of Model Y have been spotted several times. All indications suggest that the factory will soon begin mass production of Model Y, which is eagerly awaited in China.

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