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Minister-President Brandenburg: Tesla Giga Berlin to Employ 10k+ to Complete Phase 1 by Summer 2021

Minister-President Brandenburg: Tesla Giga Berlin to Employ 10k+ to Complete Phase 1 by Summer 2021

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Minister-President Brandenburg Dietmar Woidke expects no delays in construction work at Tesla Giga Berlin. He is optimistic that the first vehicles will roll off the assembly line in the summer of 2021, and that up to 12,000 people will work at the plant in the final stages of expansion.

“It is currently being demonstrated that we do not need to shy away from any comparisons in the global competition between enterprises. I am optimistic that the first cars will roll off the assembly line in Grünheide in the summer of 2021 and that 12,000 people will work at the plant in the final phase of expansion,” the Minister-President said.

The politician explains the rapid progress of construction, and among other things, good cooperation between the state, the municipality, and the company. “In Grünheide, all the participants are united. In this sense, it is significant. In the end, we will have a factory that will do more than just produce electric vehicles, it will also set environmental standards,” said Woidke.

He moves on to speak about Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the state of Brandenburg, who wants to contribute to the energy transition and thus climate protection through the Tesla settlement. “Anything else would also be counterproductive. For Tesla and for us,” the Minister-President said.

Woidke responded to critics of the project, explaining that "construction is being carried out in accordance with the law." This is the responsibility of a working group set up by the coalition government specifically for the project. “Tesla actively addresses citizens and associations and involves them in all processes,” the Minister-President said.

Woidke continues to rely on Tesla and renewable energy sources. With their help, the reindustrialization of the region should be crowned with success, despite the recent crisis.

Woidke notes that, thanks to Tesla, the region is showing positive signs of continued development despite the pandemic. He noted that he was very pleased with the cooperation of the Brandenburg government, the Greens and Tesla.


"There are three partners who have never worked together in Brandenburg before. When you see how well the cooperation is going on the Tesla project, for example, you can't complain - even in comparison to other state governments in our neighborhood."

Woidke noted that the construction of Giga Berlin becomes more visible when you drive past the facility. He says that Tesla's factory has been the largest industrial investment in Germany since 1990. Although the project requires a lot of work, he is proud of Tesla's presence in Brandenburg.


"With all the modesty inherent in us Brandenburgers: It is the largest industrial investment in East Germany since 1990. And in the rest of Germany, you can hardly find anything comparable during this period. That's why we can be proud of. But it still takes hard work to make it a success. That is why we are working on the project with considerable human resources. And I would like to thank my colleagues in the authorities at all levels."

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