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Tesla China Shares Impressive Giga Shanghai Production Time Lapse Video

Tesla China Shares Impressive Giga Shanghai Production Time Lapse Video

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Today Tesla China published a new video showing the inside of the plant. The robots are continually producing superior quality new vehicles to meet the needs of their customers and the strong demand for the Shanghai-made Model 3.

This video demonstrates that the production line at Giga Shanghai is set up very efficiently, which in turn has a positive impact on quality. In fact, the more modern the plant, the better the quality of cars. The Model 3 manufacturing process looks stunningly smooth.

If we consider that Model Y will be produced with the help of Giga Press--which, among other things, will significantly save production time--then the work of Giga Shanghai will be more efficient yet.

Tesla built its Chinese factory from scratch with the latest equipment, making it possible to design the plant optimally for its models. According to this logic, it is not surprising that Giga Berlin, in comparison, will produce the highest quality Teslas. The new plant in Germany will not only use the latest equipment, but will also utilize the most modern paint shop in the world. Each new factory pushes new boundaries.

Most of us perceive Tesla as a company that makes cars and great software for them. But Tesla also manufactures energy storage and solar-related products. Behind the scenes, Tesla is working on its own batteries, which soon are likely to enter production. With the spotlight on its premium vehicles and software, though, one might forget about Tesla's largest and most complex product: The Gigafactory.

Giga Shanghai began production in less than a year after the start of construction. This is an unprecedented feat for the automotive industry. For example, a new Volvo plant in South Carolina took about two years to move from construction to production.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is actively developing solutions for industrial automation. He acknowledges that intelligent automation--to reduce costs and increase efficiency--requires new approaches and a constantly revised, forward-looking vision for an automated future. This is why Tesla's factories are so different from, and superior to, those of other automakers.


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