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Tesla Model 3 Heat Pump Plans Appear to Move Forward, Will Add Range & Cold Climate Benefits

Tesla Model 3 Heat Pump Plans Appear to Move Forward, Will Add Range & Cold Climate Benefits

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At the end of August, news broke that a Model 3 had been produced with a slightly smaller frunk from those previously made. The width has been reduced, and it also appears to be deeper than the original design. The bigger change, though, is to the top of the frunk (where the grocery hooks had been). The plastic molding now extends much farther into the frunk, giving more space behind and underneath it.

The extra space gained behind the front panel indicated that Tesla could soon introduce new components that were designed and deployed in Model Y. In particular, Model Y received an updated air conditioning system, heat pump, and octovalve.

In mid-September, a source familiar with the matter told Tesmanian exclusively that several Model 3s with a heat pump and octovalve are already in Tilburg, Netherlands. All cars were produced at the Fremont factory.

Without making an official announcement, it looks like Tesla has quietly made an incredibly important change to the refreshed Model 3. The company has made an update to Tesla's online parts catalog, confirming the information Tesmanian received in September. Now we can see that Model 3 includes a new Cabin HVAC system for cars manufactured after October 5, 2020, reported Drive Tesla Canada.

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This is great news for future Tesla owners. Now, thanks to the heat pump, all the refreshed Model 3s benefit from extended range, and this is especially important for owners who live in colder climates. This improvement enables the vehicle to operate more efficiently.

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