Tesla Giga Texas-Made Model Y with 4680 Battery Cells Shows Signs of Range Limitation by Software

Tesla Giga Texas-Made Model Y with 4680 Battery Cells Shows Signs of Range Limitation by Software

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Model Y with 4680 battery cells shows signs of artificial range limitation. Considering that the performance of the new battery cells is higher compared to 2170, this could be a real case.

The Kilowatts/Twitter, who recently received their Giga Texas-made Model Y, closely watched the car equipped with 4680 battery cells to notice the difference compared to the Model Y equipped with 2170 battery cells. The team was successful in this as they noticed some details that point to the possible superiority of the Model Y from Texas, and so they share their observations.

The Kilowatts decided to test how fast they could charge the car from 0 to 100%. After having driven the car until it reached 0 range, they noticed some interesting things. According to the report, the Model Y drove another 3 miles past the "0 miles" mark, and, most interestingly, the car did not appear to have entered economy mode, as it was seemingly no impact on acceleration. This was a demonstration to show that, even at 0% charge, the car did not experience limits to its performance.

In addition, The Kilowatts reported that they were able to charge the car from 0 to 97% in just 52 minutes. The group noted that the charging curve was also interesting. The Kilowatts noted that once plugged in, there was an immediate jump to ~250kW, which is not typical for other vehicles of the company. Typically, the rise to 250 kW is slow and then slowly tapers down throughout the charge cycle.

Obviously, with the Model Y with 4680 battery cells, we see interesting differences from Model Y that have 2170 battery cells. On the one hand, we have never seen how Tesla cars behave with the new batteries, so there can really be differences. On the other hand, the details that The Kilowatts noticed could also indicate that the car's performance could be artificially limited by software. Probably, over time, we will be able to find out more details on this issue.

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