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Motor magazine in Norway recognizes Tesla Model 3 as "Best Car Purchase of the Year"

Motor magazine in Norway recognizes Tesla Model 3 as "Best Car Purchase of the Year"

The combination of excellent features and the Norwegian tax rules make the Tesla Model 3 “Best Car Purchase of the Year”.

Motor Magazine selected 10 finalists among the best cars of the year, calculated the cost of purchase and regular maintenance of the car, taking into account the assessment of the car, and conducted its own tests. As a result, a car was selected that was named "Best Car Purchase of the Year" - this is the Tesla Model 3.

Photo credit: Motor

EXPERTS: The jury in the Best Car Purchase of the Year nomination consists of - from the left - Oyvind A. Monn-Iversen (journalist responsible for the car and tester at Motor), Anette Burwe (NAF Consumer Relations Consultant), Tommy Wollstrom (editor Director of Swedish magazine Vi Bilägare and Juror in “Car of the Year”), Tom Andre Nielsen (Technical Advisor at NAF) and Audun Bergerud (Technical Advisor at NAF).

"The economic aspects of the electric car are largely overshadowed by the traditional requirements that most people have for a car.

Of course, there are many good reasons for choosing a car that is not electric. But they are becoming less and less, as more and more car manufacturers produce car models that meet the conditions that we would like to emphasize when choosing cars.

We are at the beginning of a wave that gives us electric cars in all price ranges and with even better properties," said Motor.

Among all the  cars that took part in the contest, not one impressed the jury so much as Tesla. With this in mind, the jury in the nomination "Best car purchase of the year" gave this award to Tesla Model 3.

“It's very nice to win such an award,” said Communications Manager Even Sandold Roland of Tesla Norway.

According to Teslamotorsclub, at the end of October 14 433 units of Model 3 were registered in Norway. This means that more than every ninth car registered in Norway in 2019 is a Tesla Model 3!

Source: Teslamotorsclub

"Range, practicality and safety - at that price, it's a pretty unrivaled combination," says Sandvold Roland.

Photo: Nora Wisleff Egenes and Even Sandvold Roland Tesla Norway and visible evidence of victory in the Best Car Purchase of the Year Award/Motor

Yes, an electric car may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, among the 10 finalists there were various cars: Audi e-tron, Kia e-Soul, Toyota Corolla, Mercedes EQC, Skoda Octavia, Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota RAV4, Volkswagen Passat GTE and Volvo V60. But not one of them was able to win this award.

Tesla Model 3 wins because it currently has no equal in the classic electric car class and charging characteristics. The car also has high characteristics of performance and is a high-tech vehicle. All this, of course, comes at a price. And this is where Tesla really outperforms its competitors. No one offers such electric vehicles at the same price like Tesla.

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