Tesla Helps Portsmouth UK Go Green in Country’s Largest Powerwall Installation

Tesla Helps Portsmouth UK Go Green in Country’s Largest Powerwall Installation

A new large solar panel system with a capacity of 250 kilowatts and a ten-unit Tesla Powerwall system was installed on the rooftops of Portsmouth City Council's Hilsea Industrial Estate to make the city greener.

The new large solar system complements the existing 50 kW system to form the largest energy storage installation in the UK to date, as part of an initiative to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2030, according to About My Area.

In this project, Tesla's Powerwall batteries are used as a key component of the installation, which stores energy from 738 solar PV panels. The ten battery system is considered the largest operating Powerwall installation in the UK, and can store 135 kWh of electricity at a time. This is enough to power an average domestic home for two weeks.

Solar panels and Powerwall storage systems will reduce the company's dependence on electricity purchased from the grid by almost 50%, given the fact that many energy-intensive processes are taking place in the industrial zone. The system will reduce carbon emissions by 69 tons per year and significantly reduce the operating costs of the facility. During the summer months, virtually all energy required to operate the facility will come from either panels or batteries. Combining cutting edge battery technology with solar PV is the renewable energy future.

The council has already used its structure to install Tesla Powerwalls in 13 residential blocks, with 20 more in process. However, this is the first time that such a large number of units have been used in one installation. Where batteries have previously been installed, up to 98% of the site's electricity needs are met by batteries and solar panels.

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