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Over 200 Tesla Model Ys Were Spotted at Giga Texas, Maybe in Preparation for First Deliveries

Over 200 Tesla Model Ys Were Spotted at Giga Texas, Maybe in Preparation for First Deliveries

Photo: Jeff Roberts/Twitter

Over 200 Model Ys were spotted at Giga Texas, maybe in preparation for first deliveries. According to the company, the vehicles made in Texas have a structural battery pack and 4680 battery cells.

At the end of January 2022, Tesla said that it expects to receive final certificates soon before mass production of Model Y at Giga Texas. However, during this period, we have seen dozens of Model Ys produced at the factory near the building, and in some cases, some of them were transported on trailers from Giga Texas.

Jeff Roberts/Twitter spotted something interesting during the flyover of Giga Texas. Now more than 200 brand new Tesla Model Ys were parked outside on the south side of the factory. Previously, there were about 50 covered cars, but now their number has increased significantly, and most of the covers have been removed. Jeff captured 227 Model Ys in Solid Black and Abyss Blue Multicoat, while eight vehicles were still under cover.

While it is impossible to get a good look at all the cars, they all seem to be Long Range variants with 19" Gemini wheels. Notably, there was not a single Pearl White Multi-Coat, Red Multi-Coat, or Midnight Silver Metallic painted car in the parking lot. Some members of the Tesla community expect the first Model Ys could be delivered to customers in March, as some of them have received VIN confirmation emails. However, there is a possibility that the handover of the first cars will take place during the grand opening ceremony of the factory—Giga Fest—scheduled for April 7.

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