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Over 300 Tesla Model 3 Spotted Ready For Delivery As Gigafactory 3 Fully Awakens

by Claribelle Deveza December 08, 2019


Tesla Gigfactory 3’s parking lot has been filled with over 300 Made-in-China Model 3 units ready for delivery, just a couple of days after the elecric car maker secured its sales license. The nearly full parking lot is proof that Gigafactory 3 is gearing up for deliveries and a signal for reservation holders to start preparing for their Model 3 sedans.

Days after Gigafactory 3 received the green light for sales and deliveries, the Tesla facility has become even more active than before—if that’s even possible. So far, Tesla, China has managed to beat every deadline. Gigafactory 3 was finished two months in advance, and early Model 3 production units were spotted doing test runs near the site soon after.

The parking mentioned above lot slowly started getting filled after GF3 construction was done. It seemed that batches of ten were being released at the time. Ever since the Shanghai factory received its manufacturing license, the stream of MIC Model 3 units multiplied much faster.


Credit: Jason Yang/YouTube

Now, drone operator Jason Yang spotted over 300 Tesla sedans within GF3’s parking lot in preparation delivery. In the same time period, car carriers were seen by Jay in Shanghai, transporting locally-made Tesla Model 3 to delivery centers across China. So, the cars in the parking lot might not be all the vehicles Gigafactory 3 produced.

In early November, the Global Times reported that GF3 was expected to produce over 17,000 Model 3 sedans before 2020, which would be around 2,900 units a week. It is uncertain how many units of Tesla’s all-electric car have been manufactured at Gigafactory 3. However, it is clear that GF3 is producing more Model 3 units than before and at a much more rapid rate.

The MIC Model 3 qualified for government incentives on the same day that Tesla China received its sales and delivery license. The all-electric car maker seems to have everything together, at least in China, which is a good sign for its future as a global company. The Shanghai factory is setting a good pace for other Tesla branches around the world, including the upcoming European Gigafactory in Berlin.

Featured Image Credit: Jason Yang/YouTube 

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