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Tesla Cybertruck Sighted Near the Los Angeles International Airport

by Claribelle Deveza December 08, 2019


Tesla's Cybertruck was sighted near the Los Angeles Airport, quite a distance from its home in the Fremont Factory. The Cybertruck has been spotted in the wild at least twice, hinting that Tesla is now testing its pickup truck for its 2021 production target. The all-electric car company doesn't seem to be taking any chances with the CYBRTRK.

Tesla's pickup truck may have started tests for long-distance drives, based on recent sightings of the Cybertruck. LAX is over 5 hours away from the Fremont factory, which is much farther than the first time the CYBRTRK was first spotted. Elon Musk's next-gen electric pickup was first sighted in the wild near the Fremont factory.

The one seen near LAX has the same license plate as a Model Y test unit spotted in early November. The significance of their shared manufacturer's plate is unknown for now, though regulations indicate that non-production vehicles with unique aspects can be driven on public roads provided that they are accompanied by a company-owned car. In the Fremont sighting, for example, the Cybertruck was accompanied by a Model X. 

The Cybertruck prototype seen near LAX lacks side mirrors, which are currently required in US roads. Many comments on Twitter ask about the Cybertruck's lack of side mirrors since it would be difficult to drive such a beast on the roads without them. Motor Trend discussed similar functionality problems with the Cybertruck, particularly about its rear window and rear-camera solution. Based on this sighting, though, the CYBRTRK can be driven for long distances which might be an indication that there aren't any blind-spot problems with the truck.

Following the vehicle's unveiling, Tesla announced that the Cybertruck's Single Motor RWD and Dual Motor AWD versions will enter production first in late 2021, followed by the Tri-Motor AWD version in 2022. However, Tesla recently altered the Cybertruck's delivery date. The Dual and Tri-Motor variants' production has been moved up to late 2021, while the production of the CYBRTRK's single motor RWD version was adjusted to late 2022.

While the Cybertruck is still a couple of years away from production, there is a good chance that sightings of the vehicle's prototype units will be reported in increasing frequencies moving forward. The same was done for the Tesla Semi, which has been doing real-world tests across the United States since it was initially unveiled in late 2017.

Since its unveiling, Tesla's Cybertruck has become a muse to the TSLA community. Many people have released renders and fan-made videos of the electric pickup, showcasing the different artistic directions owners could take with the CYBRTRK. Polarizing but undoubtedly a conversation-starter, Tesla may have actually hit the ball out of the park with its first heavy-duty commuter vehicle.

Auto expert Jack Rickard has mentioned that the Cybertruck, with its domineering design and its equally-aggressive price, has the potential to be a big success for Tesla. Rickard added that down the road, the shock brought about by the vehicle's design might very well be replaced by the realization of its genius. "I predict that the shock of that design will be replaced by the genius of it," he said. 

Featured Image Credit: @codysimms/Twitter 

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