Your Tesla Can Now Play All PC Games For Free

Your Tesla Can Now Play All PC Games For Free

It's really a joy to be able to play games on the Tesla's screen when you are waiting for someone or charging in the Supercharing Station during the road trip.

And recently, Rainway CEO Andrew Sampson shared an interesting post on Twitter:


As we get to learn more about this app, it's a free software and all you have to do is install Rainway on a Windows 10 PC, then just go to play.rainway.com on the device (in this case a Tesla running the latest update) you want to play on,and the last step is just plug in a controller.

There are some people reporting that their input isn't registering on some versions, and the company is looking into the issues. 

Rainway is going to add a feature of their mobile app to just sync your gamepad to your phone, then pass the input directly to your PC rather than from the Tesla. It also works on Xbox, iOS, Android and Chromebooks.


 For more detail please visit : Rainway.com


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