Tesla Giga 4 Berlin Is Busy With Many Heavy Construction Machines

Tesla Giga 4 Berlin Is Busy With Many Heavy Construction Machines
Tesla, in an effort to fulfill its ambitious schedule, is in a hurry to complete all the preparatory work for the future Gigafactory 4. In February, many people expressed their fears that the company would not receive all the necessary permits and would not be able to clear the territory.

Despite all the difficulties that Tesla encountered, they succeeded in just a 4 weeks:

This is an incomplete list of what was done on the Tesla site as soon as possible. You can look at the progress, in this short video from a dedicated enthusiast who has been watching the automaker's progress since the early days, @Gf4Tesla.

Thanks to information from another Tesla enthusiast @DerCaspar, we got information that on the site is currently working:

  • 19 Excavators;
  • 6 forwarders;
  • 1 Crane drops huge weight;
  • 1 root soil Sorter;
  • 4 Shredder;
  • 3 Bulldozer;
  • 4 Trucks/Tractors.

As you can see from the list of machines that work on the site, their main activity is aimed at clearing and fully preparing the site for construction. This is exactly what the Brandenburg Environmental Association has allowed Tesla to do.

Check out Tesla’s progress on the site in this video.

On March 18, special meetings begin, at which all objections that have been submitted will be considered. According to preliminary data, there are 270 of them. It is assumed that all issues will be resolved within 2 days, after which Tesla can hold a groundbreaking ceremony.

To answer residents' questions about the planned Gigafactory 4 in Grünheide, Tesla organized consultations with citizens twice a week from mid-January. This initiative was supposed to end in late February, but the local Tesla host said at the request of Teslamag that the company decided to extend it until the end of March.


Tesla plans to hire up to 12,000 employees at the beginning of production in 2021. The American automaker plans to fill vacancies with locals and employees from all over Europe. This combination should help achieve ambitious production goals.

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