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Tesla Solar Roof Brings Breathtaking Beauty To Your Property

Tesla Solar Roof Brings Breathtaking Beauty To Your Property

The Solar Roof is one of Tesla Solar's strongest products. It is called to replaces your existing roof and brings it to life with beautiful solar tiles that can power your home for decades with the energy you produce.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk strives to combine in this product: reliability, productivity, economic benefits and beautiful design that will make your home even more attractive.

Other companies, in the wake of increased interest in solar energy, are also eager to create products that will collect sunlight and recycle its energy, but Tesla tiles represent a unique step forward for the industry.

Tesla creates its new glass solar roofing tiles with built-in highly efficient photovoltaic cells and constantly continues to improve them, as evidenced by numerous patents. This tile is designed to power your home and electric car with solar energy, and all this without the presence of traditional solar panels.

Tiles are not just utilitarian - they are a functional design element that is presented in four different styles: textured, Tuscan, smooth and slate. Some of the roof tiles contain photovoltaic cells, and some don't.

Source: Tesla

Tesla designed photovoltaic cells to be invisible from the street, and solar and non-solar roof tiles match, giving the Tesla roof a look similar to a traditional roof. For Musk it was important to create Solar Roof in such a way that it was attractive and gave the house an additional charm.

And he succeeded. Earlier we saw what Solar Roof looks like in the daytime. It completes the image of the house, making it incredibly sophisticated and cozy. But we have not seen photos of the roof at night.

Dan Fonzi tweeted photos of his roof at night, under the moonlight. This is an incredibly enjoyable sight. Against the background of the starry sky, we see a lunar path on the roof of the house, which enchants us and draws our gaze into the depths of our fantasies.

The Solar Roof has an improved aesthetics of roof tiles compared to solar panels. It is an impressive technological and design achievement.

Featured image: Dan Fonzi

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