Polestar Is Recalling All New Vehicles Due to Software Problems

Polestar Is Recalling All New Vehicles Due to Software Problems

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Electric car maker Polestar, owned by Swedish Volvo and China's Geely, is recalling each of its all-new Polestar 2 vehicles due to software glitches.

Even for companies that have been in the automotive market for many years, creating a good electric car is a challenge, though it is possible. But when it comes to creating software for a car, it presents a number of extraordinary challenges that are even more difficult to overcome.

VW ran into serious difficulties creating software for its ID.3. Because of this, its arrival to the market was delayed by several months, which had a negative impact.

Now, another electric vehicle maker is also facing such challenges. The new Swedish-Chinese electric vehicle Polestar 2 has a number of software bugs due to which nearly 2,200 vehicles will be recalled, according to Dagens Industri.

Serious errors have been reported, the most dangerous of which is that the vehicle may suddenly stop while driving. The vehicle stops spontaneously and has to be towed for repairs. Some of the affected customers report that they have been without cars for several weeks, and service centers say it may take months to get them fixed.

As practice shows, creating a few working vehicles is not a difficult task, and the real difficulties begin when it comes to mass production.

In general, it is fairly common that customers--over the course of use of a vehicle, even when cars are still quite new--encounter a number of problems. Some may be minor, and other issues require more urgent correction. But given the way most auto companies are set up, they are not always able to be swift and nimble in resolving arising problems. The arrangement of the management apparatus and relying on third-party manufacturers of parts or software for the car significantly complicates and slows down this process.


That is why Tesla always relied on its own strength: Itself. The company continues to reduce the use of third-party services/products and uses only its own developments to create vehicles. The company is more vertically integrated by the day. Of course, in order to achieve this, the company and its CEO Elon Musk had to invest significant effort, money, and time. And it's worth every penny and drop of sweat.

We hope that automakers will improve the quality of their work and create excellent EVs as soon as possible that will help accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.

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