Tesla's $2K Acceleration Boost Upgrade for Model Y Long Range AWD Is a Noticeable Improvement

Tesla's $2K Acceleration Boost Upgrade for Model Y Long Range AWD Is a Noticeable Improvement

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Tesla Model Y owners have recently been able to purchase an upgrade that makes their car even faster. Let's find out what this gives us.

At the end of September, Tesla released a paid acceleration boost upgrade for the Model Y. For $2,000—via an OTA software upgrade—your Model Y Dual Motor AWD can now hit 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds (down from 4.8s).

The Kilowatts/YouTube have installed a new Tesla upgrade in their Non-performance Model Y. They twice visited the same section of the road in order to compare if there is a difference, and, after testing, shared their impressions about whether it was worth it.

Based on the driver's reaction, the acceleration was indeed noticeable. He is impressed with how the difference between pre-upgrade and post-upgrade Model Y acceleration felt. Here is the result he got after the upgrade:

It’s remarkable to consider that Tesla cars already have the ability to accelerate faster. The company simply blocks this capacity with software to make some cars cheaper than the Performance version.


Currently, Model Y Performance costs $10,000 more than the Long Range AWD version. This $2,000 upgrade offers customers an opportunity to significantly increase acceleration at a modest price. It seems like the deal is worth it. The acceleration boost on the Model Y Dual Motor AWD, which allows better use of the car's powertrain without all the other upgrades that come with the Performance version, is a great compromise.

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