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Range of Porsche Taycan disappoints and negatively affects the EV market

Range of Porsche Taycan disappoints and negatively affects the EV market

The Porsche Taycan Turbo is a power-hungry electricity guzzler that uses double that of the Tesla Model 3, figures from the US-based EPA has found.

In the lead up to the Taycan launch in September, Porsche spent a significant amount of marketing energy, extolling the sustainable and repeatable power and endurance made possible by the Taycan’s 800 volt electrical architecture.

According to the EPA, Porsche's new Taycan electric car is the least efficient electric car ever created. Its total efficiency was 69 MPGe, which is low for a modern electric car, as well as its nominal range of 201 miles from a single charge. This also means with an average power consumption of 49 kWh per 100 miles, the Taycan Turbo gobbles through nearly twice the power of the Tesla Model 3 Long Range which uses an average 26 kWh per 100 miles.

Of course, Porsche was not thrilled with the data provided by the EPA. Therefore, the company hired AMCI testing agency to conduct its own Taycan trials. To great surprise, their data showed that the car had a range of 275 miles in combined driving.

All these numbers refer to the Taycan Turbo, which is equipped with a 93.6 kWh battery and electric motors mounted front and rear that give a total power of 670 horsepower.

Also the EV Core Efficiency table shows us disappointing data for the Porsche Taycan.

Source: Matt Joyce / Twitter

When questioned about the disappointing range figure, spokesperson for Porsche said it was “lower than what we were anticipating, but it is what it is.”

VW CEO Herbert Diess said that above all, Taycan had to show that even an electric car can bring high dynamics and driving pleasure. “It was a development goal. Range was not a top priority,” he explained. It seems that the company is quite happy with selling cars at a very high price, despite these problems.

In reality, the Porsche attitude is detrimental to the development of electric vehicles as a whole. Consumers have high expectations for a brand that has been producing stunning sports cars for many years. But, after this purchase, almost any person will be very disappointed and will think that the EVs is a big problem, because you have to charge it so often. This may become an obstacle for some people to switch to environmentally friendly transport.

Unfortunately, this does not make the leadership of VW worry and they set a goal not to make their transport environmentally friendly, but to earn as much money as possible. It only remains to hope that the company will change its mind and begin to provide cars that will meet the expectations of customers who are willing to spend $100,000 - $200,000 on environmentally friendly vehicle.

Tesla launched a process that as a result has changed the global perception of transportation. The company has created a product that millions of people around the world want to receive. Environmentally friendly transport is now fashionable because it is economically viable and high-tech. I hope Porsche follows Tesla’s example and starts taking care of his clients.


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