A Refreshed Tesla Model S Prototype Now Spotted in Carmel, California

A Refreshed Tesla Model S Prototype Now Spotted in Carmel, California

Photos: @nickrgeorge/Twitter

Another prototype of the refreshed Tesla Model S has been spotted in the wild in Carmel, California. It also has a classic round steering wheel, although it differs from the Model S seen earlier.

A few days ago, a member of the Michigan Tesla Owners Club noticed a refreshed 2021 Tesla Model S near a service center in Toledo, Ohio. The car had an updated steering wheel, stickers on the center console, and the presence of new buttons indicated that it would have new functionality.

Today @nickrgeorge/Twitter posted photos of another updated Model S seen in the wild. He said the car was in Carmel, California. Apart from the fact that this car had a round steering wheel and not a yoke-style one, he noted that the wheel arches and overall stance were noticeably wider. We don’t know if this is true or if @nickrgeorge just got this impression. However, the exterior of the car has undergone changes, so it is quite possible that it could be noticeably wider.

The steering wheel in this Model S was different from the steering wheel in the test car previously seen in Toledo. The steering wheel of the car spotted in Toledo was missing pivot levers, but there were signs of using the touch buttons. Since the part of the steering wheel in the area of ​​the control wheels is glossy, fingerprints were noticed on it, indicating that there was pressing in these places.

The Model S from Carmel also was missing pivoting levers, but part of the steering wheel in the area of ​​the control wheels appears matte. The surface of the control wheels looks smoother than before. Also, the horn does not have a recess inside, which the Model S from Toledo had.

In addition, the center console of the freshly spotted car looks completely normal and does not have additional wires, stickers or buttons, unlike the Model S in Ohio. In addition, the California prototype lacked the dash and door panel trims.

A prototype of the refreshed Model S from Carmel

A prototype of the refreshed Model S from Toledo

Since at the moment, two prototypes of Model S have already been spotted, and they are both different, this may indicate that Tesla continues to test them, trying to reach the optimal parameters. It could also indicate that one of the cars is Model S, and the other is Model S Plaid.

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