SpaceX Introduces Third-Generation Starlink Wi-Fi Router, Only Available to Select Early Customers

SpaceX Introduces Third-Generation Starlink Wi-Fi Router, Only Available to Select Early Customers

SpaceX has taken a step further in its mission to enhance global internet connectivity with the unveiling of its third-generation (Gen 3) Wi-Fi router for the Starlink satellite internet service. This announcement comes as a select group of customers have been invited via email to test the new router at a cost of $200 USD, according to multiple individuals who received the invite. 

"You're Invited: New Starlink Router," says the email, "As an early Starlink customer, you're invited to a limited launch of our next generation WiFi router. We would love to hear about your experience, including setup, performance, or any other recommendations you may have, as these will be the first routers produced. [...] You may order up to 3 routers per account. This offer applies only to your Starlink account. What's improved? The new Gen 3 router introduces WiFi 6 and tri-band radios to Starlink. With improved range, performance, and device support, the Starlink Gen 3 router will extend your WiFi network throughout your home to provide a more consistent and reliable connection with faster speeds," the company states. "The Gen 3 router can replace your current router, and multiple Gen 3 routers can be meshed together to extend the range of your WiFi network."

As of today, the Gen 3 router is exclusively available to a limited number of beta testers. The official statement from Starlink explains that invitations to purchase the router are extended only to a select group of early customers in the United States. The company is actively working on expanding the availability of this product in the future.

Recently, SpaceX discreetly shared a photo and setup guideline documents for what they refer to as the "Gen 3 router" on the official Starlink support page. A crucial upgrade from its predecessors, the Gen 3 router boasts 802.11ax networking (Wi-Fi 6) capability, which was absent in the current Starlink routers. An intriguing addition to the design is the presence of two extra Ethernet ports on the router's back, concealed by a removable panel. The company has specified that these ports can accommodate wired mesh systems, TVs, computers, and other smart devices, while an Ethernet switch can be purchased separately to expand connectivity.

Positioned between the two Ethernet ports, a dedicated factory reset button facilitates easy troubleshooting, pictured below. Compatibility-wise, the new router seamlessly integrates with both first- and second-generation Starlink user antennas, as well as high-performance Starlink hardware. However, for second-generation antennas, an Ethernet adapter, available for purchase from the Starlink shop, is required due to the removal of the Ethernet port in favor of a proprietary connector.

Though the official pricing details of the Gen 3 Starlink Wi-Fi router remain undisclosed, multiple individuals claimed to have received an invitation, accompanied by a $200 price tag to purchase the hardware. Despite the extra cost, the introduction of Wi-Fi 6 and tri-band radios promises enhanced range, performance, and device compatibility. It is poised to deliver a more consistent and dependable connection with faster speeds throughout users' homes.

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Featured Image Source: SpaceX Email - Starlink customer e0240 via Reddit 

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