Several Tesla Superchargers in Sweden & Norway to Become Open to All EVs by Autumn 2022

Several Tesla Superchargers in Sweden & Norway to Become Open to All EVs by Autumn 2022

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Several Tesla Superchargers in Sweden and Norway will become available for all EVs by autumn 2022. Most likely they will be placed at charging stations that will include charging points from other manufacturers.

Last year, Tesla talked about the possible opening of its Supercharger network to all EVs in China, and recently, German Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer said he was in talks with Tesla about opening the Supercharger network to all EVs in Germany. Now it is known that the manufacturer will build charging stations available for all EVs in Sweden and Norway.

Kent Öhlund shared information that Tesla has applied for the construction of six charging stations in Sweden. They will be partially funded by the state, which requires that such charging stations be open to all EVs. When asked by Elbilen, Tesla replied that chargers include a collaboration in which Tesla is integrating its network with publicly available chargers from other companies, as is the case in several other European countries.

It seems that in Norway Tesla also plans to open several of its charging stations for all EVs. According to documents discovered by Otto Kristofferson and posted by Alex Avoigt on Twitter, the manufacturer will open several publicly funded Superchargers to other EVs in the country in Q3 2022. Tesla has applied to expand five fast-charging stations that are currently only available for Tesla vehicles. However, in the application, the company describes that the corresponding charging stations will be generally available from Q3 2022.

Tesla has an extensive network of charging stations around the world with more than 25,000 charging points and counting. It offers its customers high-quality charging and privileged conditions only for Tesla owners. Nevertheless, recently we are hearing more and more often that the company plans to ultimately make its network of charging stations open to all owners of EVs, which in reality would correspond to its goal—to accelerate the transition of the world to sustainable energy. Since a very limited network of charging stations is often a limiting factor for buying EVs, more available charging points around the world could make a big difference.

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