Rumor: Tesla Is Looking for a Partner in China to Manufacture 4680 Cylindrical Battery Cells

Eva Fox by Eva Fox August 31, 2021

Rumor: Tesla Is Looking for a Partner in China to Manufacture 4680 Cylindrical Battery Cells

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According to recent rumors, Tesla is looking for a partner in China to manufacture 4680 cylindrical battery cells. The manufacturer is reportedly already in talks with several companies.

Citing a source familiar with the matter, 36Kr said Tesla is now looking for a partner to manufacture 4680 cylindrical batteries in China. The electric vehicle manufacturer is currently in talks with its current battery suppliers CATL and LG Chem, as well as a number of other major cylinder battery companies including EVE Energy Co., Ltd. and BAK Battery.

CATL supplies Tesla square LiFePO4 batteries, while LG Chem supplies cylindrical 2170 cells. It is reported that the CATL large cell design project will be named “Golden Cudgel.” LG Energy Solution is also working on a cell project and has already developed prototypes for 4680 and 4690 cells to show Tesla that it could also be one of its suppliers.

One of the company's partners in the production of lithium-ion batteries, EVE, told 36 Kr that the discussed cooperation included the development of 4680 cells and their subsequent production. A company source said Tesla's business model is that it will design the cell and the battery manufacturers will make and ship it to the company.

Ji Yajuan, director of EVE Basic Materials and Tech Research Office, previously said the company has worked on both 4680 and 4695 cylindrical battery cells, and will gradually increase the production of large cylindrical batteries in the market after 2023.

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