Tesla Q4 Will Be 'massive' as Activity in Fremont is 'back to normal,' Says Global Equities Research

by Eva Fox August 31, 2021

Tesla Q4 Will Be 'massive' as Activity in Fremont is 'back to normal,' Says Global Equities Research

Photo: Trip Chowdhry

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is expected to have a "massive" fourth quarter, according to Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry. After checking the Fremont factory, he confirmed that the activity had returned to normal.

In 2021, Tesla has done an excellent job of building cars despite the global shortage of parts due to global logistics challenges. In the most difficult times, the company has shown extraordinary dexterity and professionalism in designing, developing, and testing the most critical part—semiconductors. However, it seems that the spare parts situation is having less of an impact on its manufacturing, and operations are returning to normal.

On August 29, Global Equities Research Analyst Trip Chowdhry visited Tesla's Fremont factory. He noted that activity there is "back to normal" after the recent downturn. This is due to the fact that international shipments now originate from China. The analyst noted that the work of the factory employees has also returned to normal. In addition, he wrote that Giga Press is fully operational.

In assessing overall progress, Chowdhry said this makes him "very confident" that Q4 will be "massive." The analyst also shared several pictures taken during the inspection. Among other things, he photographed Model S Plaid preparing for delivery.

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