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Tesla Adds Enhanced Autopilot for Owners in Europe thru End of March

Tesla Adds Enhanced Autopilot for Owners in Europe thru End of March

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Tesla adds Enhanced Autopilot for owners in Europe until the end of March. This is a demo version of the software, which is intended to raise awareness of some of its advanced features among owners and to encourage them to consider purchasing.

Tesla car owners from a number of European countries such as Germany, the UK, and Norway have begun reporting that Enhanced Autopilot has appeared in their vehicles. According to the specified information, the additional function expires on March 31. German Tesla owner u /MikeMelga/Reddit said the addition of this feature came as a surprise, and he discovered it when he pressed the turn signal before changing lanes. He also pointed out that the Summon function is now visible in the App.

Enhanced Autopilot showed up as demo/subscription in Germany! from r/teslamotors

Tesla launched Enhanced Autopilot around the same time it released its Full Self-Driving (FSD). FSD was an upgrade to Enhanced Autopilot. It included all the features found in Enhanced Autopilot plus Stop Signs and Traffic Lights Recognition, Automatic City Street Driving, and Full Self-Driving. On February 27, 2019, Tesla stopped offering Enhanced Autopilot in the US and replaced it with basic Autopilot. However, residents of China and Europe can access Enhanced Autopilot, which was updated in February.

Enhanced Autopilot Includes:
  • Navigate on Autopilot: Actively guides your car from a highway’s on-ramp to off-ramp, including suggesting lane changes, navigating interchanges, automatically engaging the turn signal and taking the correct exit
  • Auto lane change: Assists in moving to an adjacent lane on the highway when Autosteer is engaged
  • Autopark: Helps automatically parallel or perpendicular park your car, with a single touch
  • Summon: Moves your car in and out of a tight space using the mobile app or key

Enhanced Autopilot has a lot of features that will satisfy Tesla owners. At the same time, it is more affordable than FSD and convenient for a large number of consumers. Tesla has added a demo version that Tesla owners can use for two weeks, which will give users a good idea of ​​the product and can encourage them to buy.

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