Tesla AI Day Will Take Place on August 19 to Convince Best AI Talent to Join Company

Tesla AI Day Will Take Place on August 19 to Convince Best AI Talent to Join Company
Most of us are well aware that Tesla is not an automobile company that produces only cars, but a technological one, since it produces technologies (hardware and software) that use advanced artificial intelligence (AI). In an effort to attract the best talent to the company, Tesla will host an AI Day in August.

Tesla is not limited to the goal of building and manufacturing ordinary cars, it makes them high-tech and capable of what no other car was ever capable. The company creates advanced AI, which leads to full autonomy of the vehicle, as well as unique equipment that qualitatively distinguishes the company from competitors and defines it as a technology company. By creating unique products that have never existed before, it generates a lot of interest in the community, which has repeatedly asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk to hold a separate event on this topic. Musk has pledged to host Tesla AI Day to review progress with Tesla AI software and hardware and on July 29, he announced that the company will indeed host AI Day on August 19, exactly three weeks later.

While the event can give many answers to the most interesting questions, the main goal will be something else. As Tesla works, develops, and achieves success in the field of AI, the company needs a large number of specialists to achieve these tasks as quickly as possible. During AI Day, the company will be able to share its progress, as well as show a roadmap for future developments, which, combined with high development prospects, can attract such specialists to work at Tesla. Therefore, as Musk admitted, the main goal of AI Day is to attract and persuade "the best AI talent to join Tesla."

Tesla specializes in using high technology to create luxury electric vehicles. Artificial intelligence and big data are great helpers for a company in expanding its customer base. As a top priority, Tesla has focused on full self-driving (FSD), which requires the use of AI. As Musk previously explained, Tesla's advantage is that they will have millions of vehicles in the field with complete autonomy, which no other company will have. Tesla states:

"We develop and deploy autonomy at scale. We believe that an approach based on advanced AI for vision and planning, supported by efficient use of inference hardware is the only way to achieve a general solution to full self-driving."

To make Autopilot as advanced as possible, the company is developing in several areas at once: Hardware, Neural Networks, Autonomy Algorithms, Code Foundations, and Evaluation Infrastructure. We can learn in more detail about all focus areas for the company's development in this sector on August 19, on Tesla AI Day.

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