Tesla Now Has Over 5K Supercharger Locations in Operation

Tesla Now Has Over 5K Supercharger Locations in Operation

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Tesla has announced that it has officially opened over 5,000 Supercharger locations worldwide. At the moment, about 3,500 of them are located in the US and China. The manufacturer strives to provide the best driving experience for its customers and owners of other EVs.

Tesla has announced that it currently operates over 5,000 Supercharger sites. The milestone was announced by the company through its official Tesla Charging account on Twitter. The manufacturer also shared two photos showing 8 Supercharger stations that were installed in the US at the beginning of its journey and more than 5,000 locations that are active today around the world.

According to, Tesla currently has 5,025 Supercharger sites that offer access to over 45,600 stalls. 35% of all Tesla charging stations available in the world are located in the USA. However, China is only slightly behind, with 33% of the company’s charging infrastructure located there. Tesla had significantly accelerated the deployment of Superchargers there in the fall of 2022, when about 600 new ones were added. Prior to that deployment, only 25% of the Supercharger network was located in China.

Tesla installed its 4,000th Supercharger station in the summer of 2022. This means that it took the company less than a year to add 1,000 new locations worldwide. At the moment, the manufacturer has launched pilot programs to provide access to Superchargers for non-Tesla EVs in Europe, the USA, Australia, and even China. This will require even more charging infrastructure, so in the near future, we can expect to see a significant acceleration in the speed of their deployment.

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